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Financial Freedom is your Destiny

Information and Insight helps you, our client to make right CHOICES and decisions. The Rite Team's priority is Professional Confidentiality and Privacy for you our client as we work togrther planning your financial future.

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Retirement, Investment/Insurance, Tax, Estate Planning Team.

Retirement Savings

Being happy and content on reaching your financial goals is everyone's dream. Living that dream is a planned reality! Wisdom is that applied knowledge gained from your aquired information and insight that you have banked through life's experiences. Travel and out of country medical; (yes we can do that also) to protect your life style while you enjoy and live out your dreams!

Investments Guaranteed

Maximizing your Investments and Minimizing your Liabilities... Guaranteed Investments Only... Secure your future today and for tomorrow. TFSA; RESP; RRSP; RRIF, Guaranteed Life Time Income Benefits (GMWB) may set up your own personal defined pension plan for LIFE.

Comparison SEG vs Mutual Fund

Insurance Platform

Life Insurance; Disability Insurance; Extended Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance; Group Insurance; Mortgage Insurance; Business Insurance. These are All the Foundation for your plan to Succeed.

Tax and Estate Planning

Strategic Planning; Charitable Giving; Trusts; Bullet Proofing your Estate; Creditor Protection; Preferred Beneficiary to by pass Probate fees; Hostile heirs can not attack your estate once you are deceased through "Wills Variation Act of B.C.

News: New Office Location

Ray Johnson is excited to announce

New office location at: 950 – 1st Avenue, Carberry, Manitoba, R0K 0H0 Mailing Address: Box 1271, Carberry, Manitoba, R0K 0H0 Call for an appointment 204-901-4557 For a Financial Analysis

News: Promotion

Ray Johnson is excited to announce the promotion of Chris Walker to sales & administrative manager for B.C.