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Bullet Proof your Investment Money

  • Bullet Proof your Investment Money, Retirement and Estate

    By R.P. (Ray) Johnson;

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    Not All Investment Vehicles are Created Equal

    Not many know the importance of using Segregated Funds from a Life Insurance Company for Strategic Planning to protect their investment and retirement dollars from creditors, possibly Revenue Canada, disgruntled hostile heirs, bypass Probate Fees, or by using the Preferred Beneficiary Designation. This contract definition is ONLY available in a Segregated Fund or GDA or TDA or DIA from a Life Insurance Company of Canada. Individuals up to the applicant’s age of 80 can get this Preferred Beneficiary Designation from All Life Insurance Companies. Only a few Life Insurance Companies will write applicants up to age 90.

    We also issue competitive guaranteed investments or an Interest Bearing Annuity called a GDA. A GDA is like a GIC but this guaranteed investment is only issued by a Life Company and you cannot get this definition from a Brokerage House or Securities Company, or Mutual Fund Company, or Bank or Trust Company or Credit Union. The BIG difference is that you can ONLY get the Preferred Beneficiary Designation from the Life Insurance Company. This product allows you to get your Guaranteed Investment Bullet Proofed to bypass the Estate and go directly to your beneficiaries. No extra fees or costs, No Probate, No waiting. Funds go directly to your beneficiaries QUICKLY within two weeks or less and bypass your will.

    A Guaranteed Deposit Account or (GDA) has competitive interest rates where you can get simple interest in a Guaranteed Deposit Account or (GDA) for 1 to 15 year terms or any combination. TDA’s give compound interest in a Term Deposit Account or (TDA) for 11 to 30 years or any combination of years. You pick the investment vehicle that suits you BEST when you select term, rate of return or whether you want it REGISTERED or Non Registered or in a Tax Free Savings Account or (TFSA). You can also select a Daily Interest Account or (DIA) that has all the same Benefits to park money for a short period of time to get the Preferred Beneficiary Designation for Strategic Business and Estate Planning. You can have the Preferred Beneficiary Designation in your RRIF or Registered Retirement Income Fund or LIF or Life Income Fund, in your Locked in RRSPs or RRSPs. You can even put into Registered Education Savings Plans or RESP. IPP’s for High Income Individuals you can set up your own Individual Pension Plan or (IPP) for those who qualify for age and minimum 6 digit incomes after tax.

    When looking at doing Strategic Planning or Retirement Planning or Succession Planning, personally or corporately or for Charitable Giving or Legacy Planning, consider the idea to Bullet Proof your investments with a Preferred Beneficiary Designation that can ONLY come from a Life Insurance Company.

    Let us help you through the most difficult of times personally or corporately with our planning at The Rite Team Ltd… Let us help to Bullet Proof and Guarantee your future by Strategic Planning your investment vehicles with competitive guaranteed rates. Let us give you personalized service for both investments and insurance for your future success.

    Let us now explore Segregated Funds verses Mutual Funds (Graph attached to Article).

    Segregated funds are like Mutual funds but there are guarantees that come with this investment contract issued by a Life insurance company. Individuals up to the applicant’s age of 80 can be issued by all Life companies. A few Life Companies will issue up to age 90. Your guarantees are always written into the contract, the information folder and prospectus. You can choose different guarantees that best suit your investment style and risk tolerance for your age whether your goals are short, medium or long term. For example you can invest in similar funds with risk like Mutual Funds but you can have a Segregated Fund Guarantee on your Investment Deposit.

    With the SEG Fund one of the guarantees that is in effect is that in the event of death your original 100% investment deposit will be returned to your Preferred Beneficiaries in your Contract. Annual or semi-annual adjustments can be done on review of your portfolio funds to lock in your growth at the higher amount to benefit your Estate. You do not have this guarantee opportunity with Mutual Fund Portfolio Funds.

    At the maturity date of the contract on the investment deposit, a second SEG fund guarantee applies to the different maturity guarantees of 10 or 15 years. Regardless of market conditions, if there has been a significant market correction and you need your funds you will always get your investment funds back plus growth if you lock the growth at the appropriate times. Once your maturity guarantee has been triggered at your maturity date of your contract you get the higher amount. I have lots of clients that have exercised these maturity guarantees in my 40 plus years of Bullet proofing their investments for the future.

    At the time of 9/11, the markets were closed and the funds dropped 50% to 70% in some cases. Some of my clients along with many others were distraught with anxiety because of the market correction. Many tried to pull their funds out or change their fund portfolio but could not because the markets were closed until further notice. One of my clients was retiring from nursing in two years and was very concerned that she lost most of her money but I assured her of her guarantees which helped calm and reassure her. Her maturity guarantee was going to kick in the next year so I was able to inform her that if the market did not correct she would receive her initial investment back of $80,000 plus dollars. She was able to relax and we initiated the maturity guarantee which enabled her to get all her money back. Since 9-11 Segregated Fund products were upgraded to allow clients to lock in future growth and guarantee deposit plus growth at the maturity guarantees. There were a lot of Mutual fund investors that took a long time to get their money back but industry statistics show that most took out their money that was left and endured the loss. This could have been you or your friend or family member or dad or mom or grandparents that have lost just about everything.

    That is why I have said, “Not All Investments are Created Equal”.

    Come for an investment checkup. I will walk you through the reasons why a portion of your investments should BE GUARANTEED with a SEGREGATED Fund Portfolio. That is why for over 40 years our Investment Team has recommend Segregated Funds and products to guarantee Registered or non-Registered investments. We desire to “Guarantee and Bullet Proof” your future with maturity guarantees so that if tragedy was to come today via the death of your loved ones who have worked so hard to build and accumulate wealth to get ahead in this world they and you would be protected against such losses.

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